Do that by entering this command: sudo systemctl restart smbd It is worth noting that if you ever have any issues with accessing the server then running this command can solve that problem. Step 9 – Access the Server Once you restart the samba service, you will be able to see the NetBIOS name on another PC or device that is on the same network.
I wrote a powershell script on a windows computer to write an ADS on a file on a FreeBSD server with streams_xattr enabled. If it's smaller than 64KB, it succeeds. If it's larger than 64KB, I get an "access denied message" and powershell crashes.
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sudo systemctl restart smbd Step 09: Granting access. To give a user access to the shared files, we need to run a special command to set a Samba password. So, to grant access to the current user, ‘pi’: sudo smbpasswd -a pi. You’ll be asked to choose a password (it doesn’t have to be the same as your Raspberry Pi password).